Kelp on the beach

Pieces of giant kelp wash ashore after a swell, and a shorebird wades in the swash.

Piles of seaweed on the beach  create habitat for beach roly polies and other small animals upon which birds feed, which is to say that wrack is good for the birds.

Photo Credit: Suzanne Johnson

2 responses to “Kelp on the beach

  1. Hi, dear Lizzie! So happy you saw the fun time we have been having. I am still here in SD with Christina, sitting on the living-room couch with one of her three beautiful black CATS! His name is Andy and he is the one she rescued from under a bridge in Rose Canyon a few years ago.

    We have been hiking in canyons in the Cuyamaca mts. and walking on the beach at beautiful Torrey Pines in LaJolla.

    I hope all is going well and know you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My best to Eric and your mom. A. Suzanne

    I love you Lizzy and wish I saw you more often. You are a gem. Cousin Chris

  2. Love the pictures Aunt Suzanne!

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