Living the Dream in Southern Baja California: 8 Things You Will/May Miss about The States

It’s heaven here in coastal Baja California Sur, and my husband and I have no regrets making Mexico our second home. The culture is warm, friendly and welcoming. The climate is perfect half the year, and we have a beach home we could never afford in San Diego, our home-home. However, I do miss some things about the U.S., such as:

  1. Fast internet — Remember DSL? I do. It’s what we got, and it is irritatingly s-l-o-w  …..
  2. Amazon — There is no Amazon Prime in southern Baja California, Mexico because we have no address. Yes, you got that right. No street address. No zip code. No mail. No Amazon.
  3. Leafy greens — Baja California Sur is a bit of a food desert. There is some locally grown produce but most food is shipped from the mainland of Mexico, which makes perishable fragile produce hard to come by. Chard, kale and spinach require a drive to La Paz.
  4. Thai restaurants and other ethnic cuisines.
  5. Craft beers. Corona is amazingly over-rated, IMHO.
  6. Drinkable wine. It’s just a theory, inspired by the taste: The decent wines from Mexico and South America are left in the heat and ruined in transit.
  7. Free/low-cost spay-neuter programs for dogs and cats. It’s become a passion and hobby of mine to help unwanted stray dogs while we are down here. Animal rescue will take a more prominent role in my post-retirement life. It is heart breaking to see starving and mistreated animals.
  8. Municipal waste disposal and recycling programs. Baja is a rugged gorgeous place with gin-clear waters and wide sandy beaches, and they are littered with all sorts of human refuse. The litter issue is partially cultural but it is also a result of their not being year round trash pick up and recycling.

That’s my list folks. With age, things like medical care may weigh more heavily on my mind. But for now, what I miss about the U.S. is largely piddly stuff, with some real issues thrown in too.

I am off now to pick up laundry. As part of our efforts to be good citizens and visitors in this wonderful country, we try hard to support as many local jobs as possible, including a local fluff-and-fold owned by the nicest woman.

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