9 Reasons I Plan to Retire in Baja: What I Won’t Miss about Southern California

My husband and I bought a vacation home in Baja California Sur several years ago in a sleepy seaside hamlet about 2-3 hours north of Los Cabos.

With sweeping views of the sea and sand, Casa Bella is our little slice of paradise, and escape from Southern California, where we work and live. (Our plan is to spend four months a year in Mexico once we retire).

Here are some reasons why I/we love southern Baja California (minus Los Cabos) so much:

  1. No traffic! Coming from Southern California, it is hard to overstate the amazement and gratitude we have for this seemingly small fact.
  2. No parking problems! Ditto. I have never seen a parking meter in Baja either.
  3. No people! OK, that is a bit of an exaggeration but compared with the crush of humanity in Southern California, Baja feels wonderfully, mercifully unpopulated.
  4. The quiet. I can hear the ground squirrels crack open the sunflower seeds I put out for the birds. Occasionally, a truck will roll by. But most of the time its us, the birds and the wind.
  5. The wilderness and endless hiking out our door. Baja is known for its seascapes but the tropical East Cape desert lowlands are gorgeous and home to a rich diversity of wildlife, including kit foxes (a personal favorite).
  6. Warm coastal waters and tropical fish
  7. Lower cost of living
  8. Friendly people. The Mexican culture is warm and welcoming.
  9. The distance from American politics. Frankly, it is nice being in a country that did not elect Donald Trump for president.

That’s my list, what is yours?

2 responses to “9 Reasons I Plan to Retire in Baja: What I Won’t Miss about Southern California

  1. Love it! Good list. 🙂

    • You are too sweet. It’s been like four years since I posted. Now that my new job does not involve writing really, I plan to be a little more active in the blogosphere (even if I am writing to myself most of the time).

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