Christina S. Johnson

Christina S. Johnson

Literarysurfer is Christina S. Johnson, a marine science writer with the California Sea Grant program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography since 2001.

She hold’s a master’s degree in physical oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis and a high school degree from John Burroughs High School, also in St. Louis.

Prior to becoming a marine science writer, she was a reporter at the North County Times, San Diego Daily Transcript and Discovery Channel.com. She’s written children’s books on science and was a long-time contributor to World Book’s Science Year, various aquaculture trade publications, and National Fishermen magazine.

Her passions are sports and animals, and nature.

She is a former competitive surfer who placed 6th in the nation in women’s collegiate surfer while in graduate school. It was her “field work” while (not-really) working on her master’s degree. She was also a surf-lifeguard in North Carolina, a former competitive swimmer and collegiate cross-country runner.

She is the proud “mom” of three black cats.

All three are rescues and extremely dear to her existence. Nikki was saved from death-row at the “shelter;” Ivan was picked up off the streets of Imperial Beach as a kitten.  Andy, the youngest, is the “oops” cat. I found him under a bridge, starving and sick, at Rose Creek, on my bike ride in to work.


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